Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas after another skunk

First OFF I'd like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! I hit the Wilson on Wednesday with 3 other guys from Oregon Fishing Forum, Autofisher (who makes the best damn fishing yarn on the face of the planet, check it out Pop-A-Top yarn), FluffyFisherman, and Nick-106. It was a fun trip but no fish. Nick had a nice take down but didn't get it hooked. It was pretty chilly or so the others said. I don't get cold very easy, I was just fine. Although the handwarmer's were a nice treat. Up high the water was pretty clear, but down by the old burned down guide shop it was kinda high but had perfect color. Hopefully next trip will offer more fish wise. Be safe everyone!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Christmas Present For Me

So after I posted about my trip to the Wilson today I decided to go to Safeway for some grub. Didn't make it past the mailbox. I opened my mailbox and what should I find but a nice fat check from Social Security! Totally out of the blue, I wasn't expecting any money from then till February or so. Just in time to get my baby girl a much deserved Christmas present. She's the best and keeps me going through the hard times. I don't know what I would do without her. Now if I could only get her to land a Salmon/Steelhead, that will be one of my happiest memories for sure. Have a Merry Christmas everyone, and tight lines!

No fish but stillf fun!

You know it amazes me that sometimes the fishless days are as good or better than the days you catch your limit. It was nice out there on the Wilson today. Not so much as a nibble for me, in fact I only saw one bobber down all day and it didn't result in a hook up. The best part about today was I got to spend it with my beautiful girlfriend Candyce. She took her first cast with a real Steelhead rod instead the ultralight she normally uses. I also taught her the basics of float fishing as well as drifting. She also got to cast a bait casting reel for the first time. She didn't even backlash!!! I was so proud! LOL The water was just about perfect color but was running pretty fast. Had a good time fishing with several guys from I would have a couple pics to post but looks like last trip I made I must have bumped the on button on my camera so the batteries were dead for this trip. Next up I think is going to be Wednesday. Probably be my last trip of the year.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Well tomorrow's a new day!

It's been raining real hard the last 3 or 4 days. The rivers are all blown out, I don't feel well. It's just been an all around lousy week so far. Hopefully tomorrow will bring better things! I have high hopes for fishing the Wilson this weekend, it looks like the rain may shut off in time to hit the river and catch me some fish. It will be nice to get on the water again. I've had a ton of stress lately and need all the time I can get on the water. I guess I'm just gonna hit the sack, goodnight.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wilson River with some new friends!

First OFF I'd like to welcome anyone reading this as it's my first attempt at a blog! I finally got to get out on the water Sunday Dec 13, 2009 with some guys from which is a wonderful fishing forum for those of us in Oregon. It was right after our first little cold spell of the winter and many rivers were frozen over. The one we went to of course was not. We went to the Wilson River located near Tillamook Oregon. Our targets were Chinook, Coho, Steelhead. We started off pretty low on the river, just a mile or two above tidewater. Of course we were fishing from the bank. The water was low and clear as we haven't had much rain recently. (of course now it's pouring) We didn't see any activity from the fish that low and we only saw one other bank fisherman just upriver from us. I tried various spinners with no luck, one guy I was with, Ninja2010 was using some flies and Cohosanders I believe was drifting a corkie and yarn. After an hour or so we decide to move way up river to my favorite hole, the Blackjack Hole. I have had a lot of luck there. If anyone is interested it is located across from mile marker 21 on Hwy. 6. We get there and immediately see fish stacked up waiting for rain to go further up the river. We start fishing, no action for the first 30-45 min then I hooked into a nice Coho that spit the hook after about 10 seconds. I walk over to where my buddies were at and no sooner do I get over there than my buddy Cohosanders hooks into a nice Chinook that also came unbottoned but after a nice little fight. Unfortunately Ninja wasn't able to hook into anything that day. But Cohosanders got 3 or 4 real nice fish and I landed 1 and lost 3 or so. It was a great day on the water with some new friends. I can't wait to get back out there once the rain lets up a little bit. See ya on the river!