Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lost Lake Fun!!!

After all this rain and not being able to fish my usual places it was really really nice to get on the water yesterday. It was quite chilly when we arrived shortly after first light, but there wasn't a cloud in the sky! Once the sun came up over the hills it was amazingly warm even though the shade still had quite a bit of ice. The fish were very active from the start jumping all over the lake. There were some surplus Winter steelhead that ODFW planted from the North Fork of the Nehalem Rivern but there were also a surprising amount of trout left over from last fall. A lot of 2-3lbers and some even larger than that. They were not however interested in anything we had to offer. I tried some power eggs with scent, two colors of cured sand shrimp, cured prawns, salmon eggs, worms, spinners, spoons and some wiggle warts to no avail. My fishing partner for the day Sergio tried powerbait, a fly or two and a spinner also with nothing to show. Finally after about six hours I said screw it and threw on a half ounce weight and three power eggs with no scent and cast out as far as I could. After just a few seconds it was fish on! A nice 14 inch Rainbow trout! Then I cast back out again in a slightly different spot and bam another one, this one was at least 2lbs but wrapped the line around a submerged tree and off he went. A few minutes later I got one about 13 inches. Then Sergio got into some action scoring two nice fat trout, one of which got wrapped around a tree branch (this time un-submerged) and off that one went. I then caught about a 6 inch native cutthroat that I carefully released. We ate a lot of hot dogs, drank a lot of Mt. Dew and caught some fish! Not bad for winter time trout fishing! I am planning several return trips over the next week, I'll make sure and write about them when I get a chance. Tight lines!


  1. Nice Report! now u just need a pontoon boat. so you dont have to throw your bait so far.

  2. awsome Day, lost lake is never that good to me.. good to see you back at your blog, now join the outdoor blogger network!