Saturday, December 19, 2009

No fish but stillf fun!

You know it amazes me that sometimes the fishless days are as good or better than the days you catch your limit. It was nice out there on the Wilson today. Not so much as a nibble for me, in fact I only saw one bobber down all day and it didn't result in a hook up. The best part about today was I got to spend it with my beautiful girlfriend Candyce. She took her first cast with a real Steelhead rod instead the ultralight she normally uses. I also taught her the basics of float fishing as well as drifting. She also got to cast a bait casting reel for the first time. She didn't even backlash!!! I was so proud! LOL The water was just about perfect color but was running pretty fast. Had a good time fishing with several guys from I would have a couple pics to post but looks like last trip I made I must have bumped the on button on my camera so the batteries were dead for this trip. Next up I think is going to be Wednesday. Probably be my last trip of the year.

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